IIAO is pleased to provide innovative educational projects that offer an integrated identity and content while taking care of the smallest details. Soon we will provide here the most outstanding of them, which is:

  • An educational system based on consecutive educational levels (four levels) in which the participant will graduate until the final IIAOcompletion of the program,
  • Selection of educational curricula prepared professionally in terms of design, content and gradual difficulty, tailor-made for the program by scientific specialists and in cooperation with distinguished entities in its implementation
  • The supported versions are published as a series of e-books as well as printed books and available for purchase through electronic portals all over the world
  • Seven sciences in each level (Aqeedah, Tafsir, Hadith, Seerah, Fiqh, Tarbiyah, Arabic) and a total of 28 different subjects in four levels
  • 180 distinguished and professionally made video lectures in each of the four levels distributed over 12 weeks. Of each course lecture series there are two parallel full versions. So, for the four levels there is a total of 1440 (2 x 720) sessions of visual material, providing content enrichment, enhancement of benefits and depth of explanation. At the same time, the audio version and the written script of each lecture are available as well. Additionally, there is a forum section, in which the participants can ask questions and discuss topics to further deepen their understanding of the contents.
  • The interactive period for one level is three and a half months, including lectures and tests at each level. There are 91 tests distributed over the study weeks to enhance understanding of the lectures, followed by a final test for each subject and a possible supplementary test.
  • A selection of at least 8000 questions (40,000 in the best possible case) for the carefully compiled database of questions for all visually explained and studied subjects,
  • Capacity for more than 10 thousand participants in each level
  • An advanced technology infrastructure with integrated services for technical and scientific support and tools for communicating with participants as well as various incentive plans

Beside that, there are many advanced detailed features that you can get acquainted with by communicating with us via the following form. IIAO offers the possibility of contracting with parties wishing to obtain exclusive rights to provide one of these educational projects in different languages for participants around the world.

The value of the franchise contract for the Zad Academy program in one language including its implementation within 24 months starts from one million USD.