About Us

International Islamic Academy Online Inc. creates immersive and engaging scenario-based e-Learning experiences that help organizations dramatically improve their performance and achieve their learning goals. We also provide hands-on consulting in helping organizations assess their needs, develop effective e-Learning strategies, and make the right technology and content development decisions.

Regardless if you’re organization is implementing their first LMS, migrating from a legacy platform, upgrading your current LMS, integrating with external systems, or adding new functionalities, IIAO Inc. can help.

e-Learning Evaluation and Improvement


We help you assess and evaluate your existing e-Learning program, identify improvement areas and performance gaps, and develop critical recommendations to maximize learner success and organizational effectiveness of your e-Learning program. Here’s how IIAO Inc. can help you ensure the future sustainability, technological stability, and consistent effectiveness of your e-Learning offering:


  • Collection and analysis of learner engagement and performance metrics
  • Learning content evaluation and refinement
  • Technology review to identify improvement areas, organizational changes, and strategic impact
  • Development of strategic, detailed improvement plan

Instructional Design Consulting


Our designers help you plan and design effective e-Learning that directly demonstrates how your learning objectives will be successfully met through its implementation. Here are some of the elements that will be incorporated into your strategic design plan.


  • Instructional design storyboarding and application
  • Scriptwriting and content drafting
  • Technical framework planning
  • Multi-media scoping and planning
  • Determining complementary technologies needed to maximize benefits